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Scott & Williams Sale

June 14                 10:00 a.m.

2141 Prison Camp Rd.       Williamston N.C.


Hwy 64 to exist 512
turn right on Hwy 125 north
go 2/10 of a mile and sale is on the right.

4′ Fan
Floor Jacks
Black & Decker grinder
8″ bench grinder
Air Compressers
Sludge pump
Chain Horses 1ton
Wood Heater
Ridgid 300
60ton Press
Band Saw

Key way Cutting Machine
Belt making Machine
Auto Crane
Railroad Jack
50gallon drum cutting oil
Red Arrow Hyd press
4.07 international engine
3 steal drums
Room full of brass fittings
1ft and 18″ international backhoe buckets

Push lawn mowers
Novo Pump
Wood Casket
Corn Sheller
9 a/c and heater units (sell seperate)
3/4″ rope cable
Carolina metal bandsaw (like new)
14″ Chop saw
Roles of cable
Metal anvil
Enco bench Lathe (like new)
Sears carftsman drill press
Speed 16mm drill press
Bolt Bins
Key cutting machine
Copper pipe

Metal tables
Pintel hitch
Copper Wire
Ox & Acyt cart & hose
Wheel horse
Metal rack (metal)
(?)KW Generator
Old funnel
3 point hitch finish mower
Bath tub
Murray lawn Mower
Old bikes
100 and 100 of books
Tobacco sticks (lots)
Wisconsin Motors (lots)
Old chain saws (lots)
Brake pads (lots)

8ft by 18ft truck box
8ft by 12ft truck box
8ft by 40ft box trailer (no wheels)
18ft by 12ft wood building (two doors)
8ft by 10ft wood building
8ft by 10ft wood building
12ft by 16ft w/shelter wood building

10ft by 45ft trailer

Chevy C65 dump truck
School buses (junk)
Flat bed truck
Ford Car (old)

Phillips 66 motor oil (35 cases and more)

Too much stuff to list, so come see us on June 13th from 9am-5pm And Look Around!!!! SALE JUNE 14 th AT 10:00

  • FanFan
  • JackJack
  • Needs MotorNeeds Motor
  • Air CompresserAir Compresser
  • Hand TruckHand Truck
  • ViseVise
  • ChainChain
  • ViseVise
  • Chain HoistChain Hoist
  • Wood HeaterWood Heater
  • Ridgid 300Ridgid 300
  • Band SawBand Saw
  • ScaleScale
  • Wheel BarrowWheel Barrow
  • Metal LaveMetal Lave
  • ToolsTools
  • Large ToolsLarge Tools
  • Key Way CutterKey Way Cutter
  • Belt MachineBelt Machine
  • HoistHoist
  • Bolt BinsBolt Bins
  • Key MachineKey Machine
  • MiscMisc
  • ToolsTools
  • TableTable
  • Truck HoistTruck Hoist
  • PintelPintel
  • Rail Road JackRail Road Jack
  • Copper WireCopper Wire
  • ScrapScrap
  • Wheel HorseWheel Horse
  • SteelSteel
  • PressPress
  • Chain SawChain Saw
  • Chain SawChain Saw
  • SawSaw
  • SawSaw
  • SawSaw
  • 8x18 Truck Body8×18 Truck Body
  •  Winconsin Motors LotsWinconsin Motors Lots
  • GeneratorGenerator
  • MetalMetal
  • IH  MotorIH Motor
  • JackJack
  • Brake Shoes LotsBrake Shoes Lots
  • BikeBike
  • FanFan
  • Tob SticksTob Sticks
  • MurrayMurray
  • CompresserCompresser
  • 3 Metal Brums3 Metal Brums
  • OilOil
  • 100s Of Books100s Of Books
  • 8x12 Truck Body8×12 Truck Body
  • Brass BinBrass Bin
  • Brass ScrewsBrass Screws
  • 3 Buses Total3 Buses Total
  • Stuff In BusStuff In Bus
  • TubTub
  • Junk Lots&LotsJunk Lots&Lots
  • BucketsBuckets
  • Chev Dump TkChev Dump Tk
  • HeatersHeaters
  • PumpPump
  • PumpPump
  • CasketsCaskets
  • Old OldOld Old
  • WoodWood
  • Heat & A/C UnitsHeat & A/C Units
  • BikeBike
  • BuildingBuilding
  • Must MoveMust Move
  • Building Building
  • Got To GoGot To Go
  • Look CloseLook Close
  • A/C UnitA/C Unit
  • ColdCold
  • Place For UR GunPlace For UR Gun
  • Old OldOld Old
  • DishesDishes
  • RangeRange
  • BuildingBuilding
  • To Be MovedTo Be Moved
  • Nice PotNice Pot
  • BuildingBuilding
  • Tires & RimsTires & Rims
  • CableCable
  • Band Saw Like NewBand Saw Like New
  • Tk RimTk Rim
  • Chop SawChop Saw
  • WelderWelder
  • AnvilAnvil
  • More ScrapMore Scrap
  • LatheLathe
  • LatheLathe
  • Drill PressDrill Press
  • Drill PressDrill Press
  • JunkJunk
  • BricksBricks
  • New BowNew Bow
  • More Brass ScrewsMore Brass Screws
  • 8x10  Got To Go8×10 Got To Go
  • FanFan
  • JunkJunk
  • PumpPump
  • JunkJunk
  • 10x45 Mobil Home10×45 Mobil Home
  • 12x16 Building12×16 Building






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